Anime I Dropped | Attack On Titan, Naruto, and More!

Listen, not every weeb likes every anime, even some of the big ones! Or we do like the anime, but something stops us from going on. In this video, I dig out my “dropped” list and discuss why I dropped some anime, including some of the “big” ones like HunterxHunter and Naruto!

xxxHolic Unboxing & Giveaway!

I’m sooooo excited (take a shot every time I say this in the video) to be bringing you this new video today!!! I finally got my hands on the ENTIRE xxxHolic manga!!! I’m sooooo happy! In this video, I’ll show you the unboxing, some history, and me reorganizing my manga shelf! Stay tuned to the…

TWOI Vlogs: My Manga Collection

Hey all! I thought this would be a great time to share with you all my CLAMP manga collection that I’ve been collecting since I was sixteen! What’s your favorite manga? Make sure you comment below!

The Wonder of Ivy Podcast: Episode 24- Net Neutrality, AMB Review, & #GoHeartForJose

  This week, I talk about the holidays not “feeling” the same, what is Net Neutrality and why you should be concerned. I show you my inner anime nerd by reviewing Ancient Magus Bride. I spot light my amazing sisters and their #GoHeartForJose movement! Net Neutrality:…ill-pay-the-price/…need-know-now Ancient Magus Bridge: Go Heart for…