6 Things I Learned at the WIM Global: A New Year’s Media Mixer

Do you want to know a secret about me? I have a love/hate relationship with networking events. I love the snacks, the drinks, meeting new people, discovering different professions, and all that jazz. But I also hate them! Not so much the events themselves, but the nerves they give me! I get so nervous just…

The Wonder of Ivy Podcast: Episode 12 – Time

My newest podcast is here! This week I talked about “time” and how you shouldn’t let any amount of time control your life! If you liked this episode and the others, please be sure to review and rate if you’re listening on iTunes! It helps The Wonder of Ivy Podcast grow!  

The Wonder Of Ivy Podcast: Episode Two – Success At Work

Monday means it’s back to the grind! And if you’re feeling unmotivated or stuck at your current job, my newest podcast episode might be just the motivation you need to keep on going! This episode I gather advice from my friends and some from myself for 11 tips for success at work.