Anime I Dropped | Attack On Titan, Naruto, and More!

Listen, not every weeb likes every anime, even some of the big ones! Or we do like the anime, but something stops us from going on. In this video, I dig out my “dropped” list and discuss why I dropped some anime, including some of the “big” ones like HunterxHunter and Naruto!

Tower of God Anime Inspired Makeup & Review – Makeup Fail?!

This has been the most challenging makeup I’ve done to date and it was a complete FAIL! But I loved talking about Tower of God so much I had to share. Watch as I recap my thoughts and favorite moments from ToG and what I’m hoping to see for a season 2.

Xanthe Huynh Interview at Anime USA 2019 | TWOI

I’m so excited to be bringing you this amazing interview with animation and video game voice actress, Xanthe Huynh! You may recognize Xanthe from her work on K-ON!, Sword Art Online: Alternative Gun Gale Online, Persona 5, and that’s just scratching the surface. Thanks to the great people over at Anime USA, I was able…